Our story

The cold is for us all

Submerge was built with the goal of making cold water exposure affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

After trying out many different ice baths on the market and discovering bad craftsmanship and low quality materials, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

We believe in creating high quality tools to empower you in your journey with the ice.

Break the ice without breaking the bank

Cold water exposure has the power to help change lives, but isn't accessible to everyone. We wanted to provide an option for those who can't afford an expensive ice bath, don't have room for one, or don't have access to a river or lake.

Supporting the movement

We partner with a number of Wim Hof Method instructors who use our ice baths in their workshops to promote the power of cold water exposure and breathwork. We truly believe in the benefits and want to support the mission however we can.

Promoting sustainability

Two questions we often get are around water waste and the constant need for ice. So when designing our product we paid special attention to the insulation technology which keeps water cold for longer, and ensuring our lids keep water clean for multiple uses.