Affordable, sustainable cold water immersion.

Break the ice!

Why take the plunge?

Improved recovery

Cold water immersion has been proven to reduce post-workout muscle soreness and is a favoured recovery tool for top athletes.

Stronger immune system

Ice baths keep your body sharp and studies have shown a drastic reduction in sickness for those who practiced frequent cold water exposure.

Better sleep

Anxiety can be a curse. Submerging yourself in the ice helps to calm your mind and has shown to result in long term relaxation, which leads to higher quality sleep.

Enhanced metabolism

Your entire body has to work to reheat itself after an ice bath. Studies have indicated that this includes an increased metabolic rate.

Customer Reviews

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Georgi Minchev
Submerge ice bath

Nice and useful 👍

Accomplishes exactly what you need for a great price

Easy to assemble and holds the water well. For the price, you can not beat it.

Stanislav Yordanov
Great product

Quick delivery to Bulgaria and easy assembly. I would recommend on recommending some products for keeping the water clean

Top M
Happy customer

Received my order really fast, can't fault service or product.
Really happy with the ice bath top quality.
Definitely recommend
Happy plunging

Best Product

I'm really happy with my ice bath. Delivery was very fast, super webpage because it's very informative, bulding up the ice bath is super simple. Definitly recommend to buy one!

Key Features

Quick inflatable ring for comfort and stability

Easy to clean anti-bacterial interior

Weather-proof lid included to keep water clean

Sturdy and removable legs

"Peach skin" exterior for durability and insulation to keep the cold in

Drainage tap for convenient water removal

I am a pro karate athlete and the submerge ice bath helps me a lot to get through the pre season which is very demanding! I'd definitely recommend it to any professional athlete for recovery!

Marcos Tsangaras

Incredibly simple, and works incredibly well! Very good product, but be wary that you will get addicted to ice baths!

Daniel Sestelo

Quick delivery, easy to set up and great quality. I am very happy with this ice bath and have begun using it in my workshops as Wim Hof Method Instructor. Thank you for a great product!


Feels good quality, looks slick, and is very practical. Easy to set up and take down. Conveniently placed tap and hose extension make it very easy to empty out without the need to tip over.


The Ice bath is comfortable and easy to take it with you. This way you can take it to your friends to let them feel the benefits of cold exposure.

Jelle Schut


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